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We are Corporate Foods

Corporate Foods is a highly professional and extremely dedicated corporate catering company which strives to serve its clients with its exquisite food and impeccable service. It is an institution in itself, a self-contained industry with totally revamped and modernized kitchen, latest machinery and infrastructure, novel packaging materials, innovative food handling and storage, ultra - hygienic environment and full-fledged bakery.

The main area of reliance for an excellent result being the manpower, Corporate Foods Pvt. Ltd. also has a ready inventory of packaging materials, catering equipment, power back - up, and a fleet of fully owned transport to meet any type of contingency or special last - minute needs of the customers.

Production of bulk food using fully automatic Combi Oven from our central kitchen.

Catering for special events and conferences.

Theme based meal planning for special occasions

Managing in house (wet) kitchens for clients at client prmises